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Centre for Lung Health
The Centre for Lung Health, located at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, has been serving Albertans with respiratory illnesses for over a decade. 
Under the direction of pulmonary specialist Dr. G. F. MacDonald and with the support of numerous respiratory professionals, the Centre began offering a respiratory rehabilitation program in 1992.
As a Centre of Excellence focusing on respiratory rehabilitation, the Centre for Lung Health's objectives are to:
  • Improve quality of life
  • Decrease hospitalization days
  • Decrease visits to the emergency room and work absenteeism
  • Improve self esteem
  • Provide educational, psychological and occupational support

Breathe Easy Program
The Breathe Easy Program is a respiratory rehabilitation program offered at the Centre for Lung Health. The program was born from the collaboration between the clients' support group, Caritas Health Group, Capital Health and private charity foundations. The program is funded through Alberta Health Services and is offered free to anyone who is diagnosed with a chronic lung disease and is referred to the program by a physician. By combining education and exercise, the program gives participants a well-rounded approach to coping with their lung disorder.  Find out more about the Breathe Easy Program.

The staff at the Centre for Lung Health is committed to providing the best possible program for its participants. They strive to continuously improve the program to meet client needs based on feedback.

For more information

For additional information on the Centre for Lung Health, visit any of the links below or contact the Centre directly.
Contacts & Location
Centre for Lung Health
Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre
Main Floor, 11111 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0L4
Routine Inquiries: 780-342-8951
Fax: 780-342-8980

Breathing Easier

Imagine not being able to walk from your bedroom to your bathroom without having to stop and rest at several points.  Imagine having to concentrate on to actually think about how to breathe.  These are real concerns for people who suffer with lung disease...continue reading.




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