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Seniors Minister Meets with Residents
In February 18, the Hon. Stan Woloshyn, Minister for Seniors, met with 40 residents and several family representatives at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre to discuss issues of importance to seniors in care.

Edmonton General Hospital Opens (1896 article)
The sisters of charity have the pleasure of announcing to the public that the new hospital will be open for patients on Wednesday, February 5th. Drs. Aylen and Royal will be the admitting physicians for the month.

A New Sacred Space
A prayer service on January 23, 2003 led by Father Gregory Bittman, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Edmonton marked another chapter in the 108 year history of the Edmonton General.

The Heart of the Edmonton General
A reflection by Fr. Greg Bittman, Chancellor, Archdiocese of Edmonton

Hope: A Resident's Perspective
Dr. Anne Burrow's life is a lesson in hope. One can not encounter this remarkable resident of the Edmonton General without being moved by her grace and enlightened by her wisdom.

Harmony Hall - 2003 Team Mission Award
The smell of bread baking, the sound of laughter, the sight of a cat curled up on a quilt -- these are the comforts of home. For 24 residents on the 6th floor of the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, this is Harmony Hall.

"Our Debbie"
There is a reason Edmonton is called "the city of champions". We are fortunate to have a large number of volunteers and volunteer organizations. No where is this more evident than at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre.

Al Pierog Takes the Lead for Continuing Care
Our time on earth is very short," says Al Pierog, former Chief Operating Officer of Catholic Social Services (CSS). "As a result, I feel we have an urgent responsibility to carry out our personal missions in life that support and foster Jesus' work."

HIV AIDS...and Hope
Caritas Chaplain Carol Vogler is an ordained pastor with the Moravian church. She acquired Master of Divinity from the Moravian Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and her Ph.D. in Human Ecology from the University of Alberta in November 2001. Her doctoral dissertation, entitled "Hope, Women & H IV/AIDS: Themes on Light" explored experiences of hope among women with H/V/A/DS.

Breathing Easier
Imagine not being able to walk from your bedroom to your bathroom without having to stop and rest at several points. Imagine having to concentrate on – to actually think about – how to breathe. These are real concerns for people who suffer with lung disease.

Hector Marois, Caritas 2004 Individual Mission Award
Sometimes he is Santa Claus. Sometimes he is a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes he is a bread baker, music maker, or chauffer. Whatever role he plays in his volunteer efforts at the Mel Miller Hospice, Hector Marois is a source of strength and comfort for all he meets.

Making a Difference
A promise to God is what brought 66-year-old Jeff Hui to volunteer at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre.

Growing Hope
Thanks to some creative brainstorming by the Hope Committee at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, each of the Caritas sites now has a new and exciting way to share hope among residents, patients, staff and family members.

Ruth Hampton, Caritas 2005 Mission Award (Individual)
With a special grace, Ruth Hampton—Resident Care Manager for Forget-Me-Not Gardens has created joyful community on 10Y, an Alzheimer's unit at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre.
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